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I have a strict EMAIL INTERVIEW POLICY. Giving interviews by email (in a “Question and Answer” format) is the best way for me to keep a record. On several occasions, stories with quotes attributed to me misquoted or misrepresented what I said.

Follow these steps:

  1. Send your email to:
  2. Include your name, publication, and website you’re writing for.
  3. Ask your questions and provide as much details as possible. HOWEVER, if your line of inquiry comes across as rambling or if you’re trying to tackle too many topics I will not respond.
  4. Tell me when you need a response by.

If your inquiry is relevant/applicable, I will respond by email.

(1) I will let you know if I’m available or if I’m busy. I will also indicate that I’m busy if your inquiry takes a while to respond to and won’t be available in the time frame you’ve requested.

(2) If the topic you are inquiring about is beyond my area of expertise, I will let you know, and if I know of another expert, I will include that person’s name.

(3) If your inquiry is about a vague or trivial connection between certain topics that are unrelated to Industrial-Organizational (I-O) Psychology, Talent Development, or Learning & Development then you will not hear back from me. I know this is strict, but I get too many emails about trivial or nonsensical topics.

Finally, I sometimes post the email interview, with comments or modifications (which I will note), on WorkPlacePsychology.Net.


Steve Nguyen, Ph.D.
Organizational & Leadership Development Leader

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