Announcement about Ads

Thank you for noticing this new notice” by Martäng

Dear Loyal Visitors and Friends of WorkplacePsychology.Net,

While I have tried to resist placing advertisements on WorkplacePsychology.Net, the truth is that it has become costly to maintain this site. In fact, in order to offer a site that is simple, clutter-free, and presents information that informs and interests visitors, I pay for features and services out of my own pocket. There have been zero advertisements on this blog, until today.

The traffic that WorkplacePsychology.Net receives has been a blessing and I am truly grateful for all visitors and loyal readers. This blog is not that old (about 2.5 years), but in terms of Internet longevity, I suppose it is. In the past two years, I have had many requests to post advertisements on this site and have always resisted, because like many of you, when I visit a website or blog, I don’t want to see huge ads or blinking lights distracting me. More importantly, I was concerned that the ads were not a good fit for the purpose and mission of WorkplacePsychology.Net.

In late 2011, I applied for WordAds, which is a partnership between (where this blog is hosted) and Federated Media. The WordAds program is the only approved advertising method I am permitted to use. It’s actually a selective program, and only an exclusive group of sites are even approved. Or so I’m told.

I believe the small amounts that will be earned via this WordAds program will help to partially cover the cost of hosting this blog. It is also my sincere hope that the advertisements displayed will be few and tastefully done.

Please know that I have not forgotten the reason why I started WorkplacePsychology.Net, and I am as committed as ever to provide my loyal readers and visitors great content. If the ads become too numerous and/or distracting, I will pause or discontinue the program.

I appreciate your continued readership and thanks for your understanding,