Workplace Psychology Resource Page

What started out as a personal mission to find the best resources for a class has resulted in the RESOURCES tab on this blog. In researching textbooks to supplement my own learning for a doctoral Consultation Psychology class, I asked professionals on LinkedIn for their recommendations as to what they considered were the best or “must have” coaching books.

What I ended up getting was a confusing mixture which included everything from executive coaching books (what I asked for) to spiritual, self-help/personal development books (not what I was asking).

However, the best response and the one that proved most helpful came from Dr. David Peterson, a Senior VP PDI Ninth House.

I also asked professors of Industrial-Organizational psychology for their input regarding which general I-O textbooks they used in their own classrooms. I combined those instructors’ recommendations with other professionals’ suggestions into the same list of I-O books. Some are geared more specifically to certain tasks under I-O (e.g, job analysis) while others are meant to serve as introductions to the field of I-O psychology.

While no list is flawless, I think the list I’ve created (thanks to the many LinkedIn professors and professionals practicing in I-O psychology, consulting, and/or coaching) will serve as a good guide.

Click on the RESOURCES page to see for yourself. It is located at the top of the WorkplacePsychology.Net blog.

I hope you find it useful. Please contact me if you have other suggestions and/or comments.

Steve Nguyen